Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! The weekend is finally here! Now I only need it to be 5pm to get out of the office already 😉

We had lots of rain in the past 2 weeks so there wasn’t a whole lot of progress on our patio and I haven’t really taken any good pool update pictures for y’all but I did post a picture or two on my Instagram. Although it is swim ready, there are still lots of details to finish, and everything around looks as if a tornado hit our backyard, hence the nighttime photo lol.

Blue Swimming Pool


My parents are visiting for a couple of weeks and I am savoring their company as much as I can. I only get to see them once or twice a year since they live far away. This means that the moments I spend with them are always very special and make me wish I lived closer. Their visit came at a prefect timing too since like I mentioned the pool is ready to use now! We are jumping in it almost every afternoon #summerdontgoplease

I am trying to look for tips to avoid crispy hair due to pool chemicals. Do you have any tips? I ordered a hair protecting cream from Kerastase so hopefully it helps.

Kerastase Aqua-Seal


In unrelated news, late last week Zoe’s Bunny Party was featured on Kara’s Party Ideas!!! I couldn’t be more flattered about the feature! Specially since they featured her Pink, Turquoise, and Gold Party last year as well! You can see the feature here.


Zoe's Bunny Party

Speaking of birthdays, I celebrated my birthday this week and what best way to celebrate that getting myself a cute little dress? lol I actually bought it a few weeks ago during the Nordstrom sale when it was about 35% off. I haven’t used it yet but I’m totally planning on wearing it on our next date night.

Lace Shift Dress


And last but not least, have you stopped by the Target dollar spot lately? I stopped by the other day and saw some of their leftover back to school items as well as their new Fall and Halloween items. Super cute! So go and check it out when you get a chance.








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Zoe’s 3rd Birthday: A Bunny Birthday Party

Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party Img

How is my baby 3 years old already?? She makes our lives so happy and our hearts so full and I simply refuse to believe that she is not a baby anymore! This weekend we celebrated miss Zoe’s 3rd birthday and we had a blast!!

When I was deciding on a theme for her birthday party I asked her about a few of her favorite things; you know, the usual mermaid, princess, all pink things she is obsessed about. She said no to all of them *sigh*. And then the hubby came and saved the day by suggesting to have a bunny party. After all, Zoe loooves her Jellycat Bashful Bunny (she won’t go to bed -or daycare- without it) and gets so excited when wild bunnies come visit our back yard. She immediately gave her approval so I started working like a busy bee to prepare all the details.

I started by designing the invitations in Photoshop and printing them at home. I added a bunny cutout and some grass that I cut using my bff, the Silhouette Cameo.

Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party-2

Just like in previous birthdays, I tried to make most of the details myself mostly because I love having handmade details in a party and also to save some money 😉

For the background I made tissue paper flowers using a tutorial I found here. I used hot pink, lavendercoral, and yellow tissue paper. Some of them I had on hand so this project was very inexpensive and for the ones that I did buy, I have a ton of left over that I can use in future projects.

I also made a white picket fence using poster board sheets, again, super inexpensive at less than $1 each sheet. I used 2 or 3 sheets for the whole picket fence.

Then I used my Silhouette to cut a few bunnies and strips of grass. I also cut some leaves for the flowers in the background. The final touch for the background was adding some butterflies to make it look garden-like. I used these paper butterflies I found at Ikea.

Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party-34

For the Table, I used a white tablecloth I sewed last year. It was really hard to find a floor length table cloth that fit my table and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. And getting a custom made table cloth was out of the question because again, an arm and a leg, so I decided to make my own. I love white tablecloths for parties because they allow for your decorations to stand out.

I went fairly simple with the food on the table since most of the things were store bought. I decorated some glazed donettes with bunny heads (using my Silhouette), put some marshmallows (bunny tails)  in a glass container, and served Annie’s cheddar bunny crackers on the cutest bunny cupcake liners I found at HomeGoods a while ago (hoarding cute things totally pays off lol). I also got orange twisty pops at Party City and decorated them with some crepe paper fringes to make them look like carrots and made some orange paper cones to put popcorn in. The only two things I made from scratch were the Oreo truffles that looked like cabbages (delicious and super simple to make) as well as the cake. For the cake topper I used my silhouette to cut something similar to the background (a white picket fence, some grass, a few bunnies, and a tree).

Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party-48

Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party-49

Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party-50

Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party-44

Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party-43

Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party-53

Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party-51

I also got a package of carrot shaped goodie bags that I filled with a assortment of party favor toys (Amazon to the rescue! lol) and decorated small water bottles with a strip of cardstock and a bunny cutout.

Our family stopped by to give us a hand (or six) so the word thankful doesn’t even describe how I feel!

We filled a bunch of balloons and spread them around, it is way easier than hanging them and the kids love having them at easy reach. We also rented a moonwalk for some outdoor fun and we were all set.

The payoff for all the effort came immediately when we saw Zoe’s excitement about seeing her little friends there! My heart melted with her reaction <3 I hope you like how everything turned out! If you need me, I will be resting for a week after all the running around on Saturday lol.







PS. You can see Zoe’s Pink, Turquoise, and Gold party here and her Rainbow party here.

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We are getting a pool!!

We are getting a pool - CHC Pool

Just typing the title made me feel so fortunate for everything we have. When we started thinking about the new house last year, one of the priorities was getting a lot big enough to fit a pool down the road. Little did I know that “down the road” would mean a few months after moving in!!

First of all, if you are thinking about getting a pool, be sure to get the right expectations about the timeline. Based on my research on the pool building process, I knew that it takes approximately 6 weeks to actually build the pool. However, I was not expecting the additional 4+ weeks it took for the Homeowners Association approval and the loan process.

We started by doing our homework and contacting a few different companies to quote on it. We basically told them what we liked in terms of aesthetics and they came up with a design for us. Once we looked at all the designs we chose the one we liked the best. We made some tweaks on that design and went back to all the pool companies. In order to compare apples to apples, we asked them to quote on the design we liked the most.

With those final quotes on hand, we selected a company we felt was the best fit for us.

We then started the loan process and submitted the request for a home improvement to the HOA (Homeowners Association). Not every neighborhood has an HOA but in our case, every major home improvement has to be approved by them. We had to submit the plans, signed contract with the pool company, pictures, and all the details about the improvement. That process took a what seemed forever. It actually took about 4 weeks but when you are anxious to have a pool in you backyard, 4 weeks seem like an eternity! #patienceisnotmyvirtue

Once we had the loan funded and approval from the HOA we agreed with the pool company on an excavation date. A few days before excavation day they came and marked the outline of the pool and on June 29th they came in and dug the hole. We were so excited to have some progress at that point!!!

Then, something unexpected happened. While we were at work, we got a call from the pool company that they had found a gas line within the pool outline and we had to check if it was active or not in case it needed to be rerouted. Note that we did have the utilities marked before even outlining the pool; however, that line was not marked. The next day it was confirmed that this line was connected to the meter so the probability of it being active was very high. That basically meant that we had to reroute the line in order to continue with the construction. Of course all of this had to happen around 4th of July when everyone is in party mode and we could not get a hold of anyone to try and expedite the reroute.

You can see the yellow gas line in the picture below.

Excavation day - CHC Pool

We had to wait about a week to get a hold of someone to put the order in the system. At that point were told that we had to wait for the gas company contractor to call us to schedule the reroute. By the time they had finally rerouted the line we had already lost about 2 weeks. Frustrated doesn’t even describe how we felt at that point. The very slim hope I had for the pool to be ready by Zoe’s birthday quickly vanished… but life goes on and instead of moping around because of this setback, we decided to still be happy about the fact that we are getting a pool!!!!

The good thing is that the pool company picked everything right up and within a few days of the reroute they had already done the rebar structure and had the gunite in!!

Rebar Day - CHC Pool

Gunite Day - CHC Pool

Gunite Day 2 - CHC Pool

That’s where we are right now, waiting for the gunite to cure so they can work on the plumbing. We cannot wait for it to be finished so we can finally enjoy it 😀 . I will keep you posted on the progress and hopefully have some more pictures for you soon. And by the way,  sorry about the quality of the pictures, I’ll try to use my good camera for the updates 😉