My Newly Organized Spice Drawer


After sharing with you the awesomeness of my makeup drawer organizers, I kinda liked the ease of having things in a drawer. I have a couple of big drawers in the kitchen where I keep all the pots and pans and I love them! So much easier than cabinets! I almost wish I would have added more drawers when we designed our kitchen.

I was looking at my overflowing pantry the other day and thought: I really need to do something about this. Besides purging and organizing I decided to work on the bulky stuff that doesn’t really get used that often.

*I’m looking at you, spices*

We buy spices in bulk because hello! savings! but buying in bulk often results in additional….bulk.

This was my spice situation before this little project.


Enter these awesome spice bottles and spice organizer.


They fit the perfect amount and they fit in a drawer. I filled them and stored the remaining spice away. I then used some matte black vinyl and a flower shaped punch to make some labels and wrote the name of the spice with a chalkboard pen -I might go back and rewrite the names with whit permanent marker since the chalkboard pen can rub off-.



I made some space in one of our drawers next to the stove and voila! Perfectly organized spices in an easily reachable location. what’s not to love? It’s been about a week since I did this and I’m wondering why didn’t I do this sooner!


Now excuse me while I go look for something else to organize (I’m on a roll! lol)




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