The BEST Make Up Organizer


I am not the most organized person in the world; in fact, I often struggle with organization. I get the organizing bug and go on  cleaning and organizing ruts but I often find myself going back to my old ways. However, I absolutely believe that in order for an organization system to last, it needs to be fully functional plus easy to maintain and not just pretty. I might take me a while to find the perfect system but once I find it, it makes a world of a difference.

One thing that has always been difficult to keep organized is my makeup. I usually kept my makeup in two places: a small makeup bag for my daily products and a drawer for the make up I don’t use every single day. This drawer has been in the master bathroom in both of our houses. I know it’s a big no no to store makeup close to humidity, so I try to use a drawer as far from the shower as I can.

Our current bathroom has lots of storage, and I quickly claimed one of the big drawers for my makeup when we moved in. It is big enough that it fits all my products so I don’t have a separate makeup bag anymore. I put everything in there but the tidiness didn’t last as things kept mixing and rolling in the drawer.




Enter these awesome clear organizers. Creating a spot for each type of makeup instead of just dumping everything in the drawer was what made this system work perfectly. I am happy to report that my makeup organization has not had a single relapse since I got these organizers! #highfive

They have enough space for me to have a section dedicated to each type of makeup. I split all my products into eyes, lips, highlighters/contouring, brushes, etc.

There was some space in the back that I use for some tools and things that I use less than on a monthly basis as well as some makeup samples.

And since making things pretty doesn’t hurt, I added a cute shelf liner I found a while ago in the Target dollar spot.



If you are looking for a sturdy, easy to clean, and good looking drawer organizer, look no further. And no, this is not a sponsored post (lol, I wish).




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