Our {Improvised} Home Tour

House Picture - 31

Is anyone there? It’s been a little over a month since my last post (shame on me, I know), and I’ve missed my little blog like cray cray. Truth is, I’ve been a little cray cray myself for the past few weeks.

You see, a couple of months ago we started thinking about our next house. We had plans to move in a few years but we just wanted to look around to see what was out there. We we specifically looking at a very nice, family friendly area that has a great school reputation. We drove around the area a few times and we found what we were looking for. And not only that, but we had the chance to choose our lot and every little detail of our future home.

These are new constructions and since our first home was a new construction as well, we were pretty comfortable with the process and actually preferred a new construction than a house that was already built. On top of that, there was one lot that caught our eye because it was larger than the average in the neighborhood and next thing we know we were signing the paperwork to buy a house.

This meant that we needed to say goodbye to our current home.

I can say that this was not an easy decision. When I think about this house I can’t help but remember all the excitement of buying and decorating our very first home, going through my pregnancy and actually bringing home my baby girl. I think of where in the house Zoe took her first steps, the many many meals we’ve had as a family, birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, etc that these walls have seen. There is no doubt that we will miss this house. A lot.

After the initial moping and griping about having to sell our beloved home, we got to work. We are working with a realtor and he sent a stager to help us put the house in tip top shape for pictures and showings. They couln’t stress enough how home staging helps sell the house faster. She came a few weeks ago and gave us a bunch of tips about moving furniture, depersonalizing our decor, decluttering, etc. After that we got to work, and it was indeed (and still is) a lot of work.

I never got a chance to do a proper house tour but I guess these pictures are in a way a tour of our house. Although you can tell from the pictures that it is staged and lacking personality as any staged home should be.

Enough talking, here’s my house tour (aka pictures from the listing).

House Picture - 30

House Picture - 29

House Picture - 28

House Picture - 27

House Picture - 26

House Picture - 25

House Picture - 24

House Picture - 23

House Picture - 22

House Picture - 21

House Picture - 20

House Picture - 19

House Picture - 18

House Picture - 17

House Picture - 16

House Picture - 15

House Picture - 14

House Picture - 13

House Picture - 12

House Picture - 11

House Picture - 10

House Picture - 9

House Picture - 8

House Picture - 7

House Picture - 6

House Picture - 5

House Picture - 4

House Picture - 3

*All photos are from our realtor.

Although were are not looking to say goodbye to our beloved home, we do want to take the next step and move forward with our plans. I know that just like with this house, we will make lots of happy memories in our new house and we are very excited to start the new chapter in our lives. Besides, maintaining a house ready to show at all times is not for the faint of heart. 😛

Thanks for listening to my ramblings and hope to have a new post for you soon!





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