Elastic Waistband Tip

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I haven’t mentioned this before but in the past few months, I have discovered  that I love sewing! Several years ago I got a tiny sewing machine for basic stuff. I was able to do hems and small crafts. Fast forward to this year and my little machine wasn’t cutting it anymore. My awesome husband bought me a new machine -this one- about 3 month ago and the love was instant, and on top of that, he helped me buy a serger last month -this one-! (He is truly a gem).

Last night I was sewing a really cute pair of shorts for my girly girl that have an elastic waistband. I was using the old safety pin trick to feed the elastic through the casing. Although the method does work, I found myself getting frustrated with it as the elastic corners were not going through smoothly and instead, they got caught on the casing every few minutes. This is when I decided to try this idea that popped up in my mind. It has probably been done before, but I had never heard of it so please pretend that it is a earth shattering idea for you too, mmkay? 😉

I took the elastic out and re positioned the safety pin from this:

To this:

You guys! It took less than half the time to feed the elastic through! That is a huge win in my book!!

If you are sewing something with an elastic waistband you have to try it! It will save you both time and frustration!

Here’s another picture of the finished shorts. Now I want a pair for me as well! (It is the Coachella shorts pattern from Striped Swallow Designs)


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