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Hello friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well as an amazing start to the New Year. After two weeks off, I was dreading to go back to work on Monday but I cannot deny that I truly feel recharged and ready to tackle a new year.

I didn’t make a list of resolutions this time, instead I committed myself to declutter. I want to get rid of the extra things that we don’t need as they create the mess that gives me the hives when I get in organizing mode. I want to donate/sell the extra toys and clothes that Zoe has outgrown or doesn’t use anymore, get rid or use the clothes that are hanging in my closet but haven’t been used in the past several months (some of them longer than a year), clear the pantry so that no unnecessary items (I am talking to you, pepsi cans and carb filled treats) get to our table and then to my thighs *gulp*, you get the idea.

I started by taking a look at our main living area, after getting a bit anxious to see the toy explosion and all of the mess (that WE created in the first place) I started to think about the solutions that we could implement to help solve the problem. I say help because the real solution is not purging and organizing once and then forgetting about it, I know that the long term solution will depend on us maintaining the organization.

When we enter the house every day, we both drop our stuff (purse, backpack, gym bag, etc) on the first horizontal surface we find. Unfortunately, this surface happens to be the sofa.

This created an immediate eye sore when and I immediately thought of a solution to it. In an ideal world, I would like to have a drop zone or even a mud room where we could hang our most used coat, backpack, purse, etc. However, our house’s layout doesn’t allow for one; that’s when I thought about having a bench that could be the new place to leave our everyday stuff. There is a space on the side of the stairs that was just the perfect place for it.

I found the plans for a bench in this website which I love and the same one where I got our farmhouse table plans as well.

Soooo the hubby got to work, he got the wood at Home Depot and in a matter of a couple hours the frame for it was ready.

The next day he painted it white and left it all ready for me to upholster it. I used some foam (I found the 3 inch one to be the comfiest to our rears lol) as well as some fabric both from Hobby Lobby.

I started by cutting the foam to the exact size of the bench. I did this with the help of my electric knife and let me tell you that it was the perfect tool as it went through the foam like butta!

I then proceeded to spray some adhesive to the foam so it would stay in place. Since I only found 17 inch pieces of foam, I decided to put some batting between the foam and the fabric to make the pieces feel seamless.

Then it was time to add the fabric! I cut it to the desired size and secured on both sides using my upholstery stapler. Once it was in place I started to add the nail head trim. This (this is an affiliate link) is the one that I used . With this trim you only have to nail every 5 nail head and you get equally spaced nails, I love it!!

And here is our finished bench.

We are already using it as our drop zone and it make a huge difference!!

I cant wait to start tackling the other problem areas 😛


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