Halloween Recap: Monsters Inc DIY Family Costumes

Hi everyone! I can’t believe we are midweek already. We are enjoying a beautiful weather here in H-town which makes me sooo glad that fall is finally here.

I just wanted to pop up for a quicky Halloween recap today. Although my baby girl is not big enough to fully understand Halloween, she seemed pretty excited to see everyone (including mommy and daddy) dressed in wacky/fun costumes. And lucky for me, she doesn’t eat candy yet so I’ve been slowly eating all the candy she got on Friday 😀

Last year we chose little red riding hood as the theme, she –of course- was the cutest little red riding hood (she was 3 months old), hubby was the wolf dressed up as grandma, and I was the lumberjack (French version but it would have been a hunter in the more popular Grimm’s version of the story).  We had so much fun that we decided to do another family theme this year and make family costumes a tradition. You know, until she is old enough to be too embarrassed of us 😉

This year we decided on a Monsters Inc. theme, so I stated looking for DIY costumes as I didn’t want to spend too much $$$ on them. They get only one use after all. We decided that hubby was going to be Sulley, I chose Mike W., and baby girl HAD to be Boo.

I decided to skip the trouble of making a Sulley costume and just bought a Sulley cosplay pajama on ebay for hubby. It worked perfectly. For Boo, I knew I had to sew the costume, luckily, it wasn’t difficult at all. I did not take good pictures (in fact, I took barely any pictures) as I worked late at night after baby girl went to bed and I had done all of my hose chores. So bad, bad lighting + working in a hurry = almost no Boo costume pictures L. I used this tutorial as a guide but it was so simple that even I -with VERY basic sewing knowledge- (I never took a class or anything) was able to make it.

The Mike Wazowski costume was even easier to make and I think it turned out really well. I simply bought a cheapo green sweatshirt (size XXL) and green leggings on ebay and four sheets of felt (green, white, blue, and white) at the craft store for the eye and mouth. The grand total was a whopping $15. I simply cut the shape of the eye and mouth (used hot glue to stick the teeth) and sewed it to the sweatshirt just using a needle and some thread. I chose a super big sweatshirt so I could put a pillow inside (it would also work if you were about 8-9 months preggo), I secured the pillow using a belt and I was ready for the candy!!!

I know that this post is a tad late for Halloween but maybe you can pin it as inspiration for next year? 😛

In summary, I had a lot of fun this Halloween and have the feeling that it will only get better as Zoe gets older and more excited about it. I can say that she truly brings my inner child out and I cannot be happier about it!!

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they were taken with the phone camera and by the quality of them, I think its about time to upgrade phones 😉


This post has been getting more traffic lately, I think it might be because we are only 3 months away from Halloween. This is why I decided to include a couple of pictures of how I made Zoe’s costume, even though I didn’t take pictures of the process, I think these graphics I created will give you a pretty good idea of how it came together.

The circles represent the two holes I made for her arms, and the dotted lines are simple straight stitches.Boo Costume


For the hood, I cut a circle out of the same fabric and made a dart so that it wouldn’t just lay flat on the head. Then I sewed the pipe cleaned (with the Styrofoam eyes attached) to it. I attached this piece to the body using snap buttons, which I also used in the back of the body part.

Boo Costume

I hope this is useful!!


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  1. Hi Marite what size sully pajama suit is your husband wearing? We were thinking of buying the same one but I know Chinese sizes are a bit different and run smaller so we are a bit hesitant.

  2. hey girl , im trying to have my 2 year old dress as boo and i was also going to make the costume , but i got lost on the hood part OOPS . are u able to send me more detailed instructions >??

    1. No problem! You have to fold along the middle of each tuck (middle between the dotted lines), bringing right sides of the fabric together, press if your fabric needs it to stay in place and pin along the stitching lines. You then have to sew along the lines and you have your pleat. I’m by no means a seamstress so some people might cringe lol but hey, it worked! 😀 I also suggest doing a couple pleats instead of only one.

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