Photo Prop/Piñata Tutorial

As I mentioned in this post, I was a busy bee for a few months before Zoe’s birthday. It was her first birthday and it had to be memorable! And by memorable I do not mean crazy expensive, I mean full of little touches (preferably DIY) touches that would make it extra special.

You might know by now that a lot of my inspiration comes from pinterest, and this one is no exception. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a pinata or have it as a photo prop for pictures but I knew that I wanted it in the party.

I made the structure using an empty box that I had around the house. I traced a big #1 outside, and with the help of the hubby I was able to cut it.

Then we just cut long pieces of cardboard and taped them to the sides of the #1. We proceeded to do that until we got a 3D piece. The whole thing didn’t take us longer than 30 minutes to put together.

Once the structure was ready, I simply covered it with white printer paper. I did this because I knew I was going to cover it with tissue paper and I didn’t want the tape or the box print to show through. Now I had a blank canvas prop :P.

I had a package of tissue paper that I got from the dollar store and made a lot of tissue paper flowers using a paper punch. Once I had all the rainbow colors, I glued them one by one to the prop. And when I say I, I mean I did the first row because my cousin did 99% of the gluing (again, what would I do without my family!). I know it seems like a lot of work to glue them one by one but it really is a repetitive motion and it didn’t take that long to finish it.

I love the final product and I think it gave the background an additional interest 😀 You can make one of these and use it as birthday decor, pinata, or photo prop for your little one’s birthday. It is very inexpensive and got a lot of attention.




  1. It looks great! But did you actually fill it with candy? Did the kids break it? I’m just wondering if it would hold the weight of all the candy. And if it broke “nicely.” By nicely I just mean it it didn’t just pop open and all of the candy fell off at the same time. 🙂

    1. Thanks Eva! I didn’t fill it with candy this time. With all last minute stuff I ran out of time and ended up just using it as a prop. But from past experiences these cardboard pinatas do hold the weight nicely and the kids actually have to hit it several times before it breaks (I’ve seen bigger kids bust them open with a couple of hits though).

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