A Rainbow Birthday Party

The madness is finally over! Phew!!! Just kidding, my first time throwing a birthday party wasn’t so bad. Thank God I had several extra hands to help, I don’t know if I would have been able to pull it off without my family.

I chose a rainbow theme for Zoe’s first birthday party and everything came together so pretty!! A lot of the inspiration came from Pinterest (should I say pinspiration??) and I was a busy bee for a few months. I did several things in advance so I would be -sort of- ready on the day of the party.

The birthday girl wore a shirt that I made and a tutu that I got on Etsy and embellished with some sequin. She looked adorable <3

For the background I just used 9 inch balloons from the dollar store! I bought about 6 bags of 25 balloons each bag and taped them to the wall using masking tape so I wouldn’t damage the wall. I hanged crepe streamers (from Hobby Lobby) on the middle of the wall and twisted them. The balloons and streamers gave the wall a lot of color and created a beautiful background.

A while ago, I made a prop (#1) that I wanted to use for pictures but ended up being part of the background. The tutorial for it is here.

The table skirt was made from a plastic tablecloth and some tissue paper both from the dollar store. I simply cut long pieces of the tissue paper and taped it (making a bit of a ruffle) to the tablecloth using packing tape. It was a bit time consuming but cheap and worth it in the end!

For the food, I had some pastries that I made (called alfajores) and decorated them with color m&m’s, popcorn that I put in colorful boxes that I made using my Silhouette Cameo, some super easy marshmallow treats, rainbow jello, color m&m’s, sandwiches, among other finger foods. I also decorated water bottles with rainbow duck tape for more color :).

I made a birthday board with Zoe’s “facts” like her favorite toys, games, weight, number of teeth, etc. I made it using my amazing Silhouette Cameo (Oh, how I love that little machine!!) and also put a photo canvas of her at the entry table.

Something that a lot of guests liked was the balloon pillar that I made. Can you believe I used a lamp as support for the tower?? It was very easy to make but I have to admit that I almost bruised my fingers tying all those balloons 😛

Last but not least is the birthday cake, I made a rainbow birthday cake both inside and out. It was a six layer cake with dulce de leche filling and butter cream icing and decorated it with m&m’s layers (again, rainbow colors). This recipe is always a hit, and it worked perfectly for this cake.

We had pizza as the main food and a variety of drinks for every age.

I have to say that although throwing a birthday party was very fun and everyone enjoyed it, the most important and heart melting part for both Hugo and I was looking a Zoe’s face all lit up and listening to her saying “wooooow” every time she looked at the decorations. Those little moments made it ALL worth it 😀

I hope you like these party ideas as much as I do!




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