My Newly Organized Spice Drawer


After sharing with you the awesomeness of my makeup drawer organizers, I kinda liked the ease of having things in a drawer. I have a couple of big drawers in the kitchen where I keep all the pots and pans and I love them! So much easier than cabinets! I almost wish I would have added more drawers when we designed our kitchen.

I was looking at my overflowing pantry the other day and thought: I really need to do something about this. Besides purging and organizing I decided to work on the bulky stuff that doesn’t really get used that often.

*I’m looking at you, spices*

We buy spices in bulk because hello! savings! but buying in bulk often results in additional….bulk.

This was my spice situation before this little project.


Enter these awesome spice bottles and spice organizer.


They fit the perfect amount and they fit in a drawer. I filled them and stored the remaining spice away. I then used some matte black vinyl and a flower shaped punch to make some labels and wrote the name of the spice with a chalkboard pen -I might go back and rewrite the names with whit permanent marker since the chalkboard pen can rub off-.



I made some space in one of our drawers next to the stove and voila! Perfectly organized spices in an easily reachable location. what’s not to love? It’s been about a week since I did this and I’m wondering why didn’t I do this sooner!


Now excuse me while I go look for something else to organize (I’m on a roll! lol)




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The BEST Make Up Organizer


I am not the most organized person in the world; in fact, I often struggle with organization. I get the organizing bug and go on  cleaning and organizing ruts but I often find myself going back to my old ways. However, I absolutely believe that in order for an organization system to last, it needs to be fully functional plus easy to maintain and not just pretty. I might take me a while to find the perfect system but once I find it, it makes a world of a difference.

One thing that has always been difficult to keep organized is my makeup. I usually kept my makeup in two places: a small makeup bag for my daily products and a drawer for the make up I don’t use every single day. This drawer has been in the master bathroom in both of our houses. I know it’s a big no no to store makeup close to humidity, so I try to use a drawer as far from the shower as I can.

Our current bathroom has lots of storage, and I quickly claimed one of the big drawers for my makeup when we moved in. It is big enough that it fits all my products so I don’t have a separate makeup bag anymore. I put everything in there but the tidiness didn’t last as things kept mixing and rolling in the drawer.




Enter these awesome clear organizers. Creating a spot for each type of makeup instead of just dumping everything in the drawer was what made this system work perfectly. I am happy to report that my makeup organization has not had a single relapse since I got these organizers! #highfive

They have enough space for me to have a section dedicated to each type of makeup. I split all my products into eyes, lips, highlighters/contouring, brushes, etc.

There was some space in the back that I use for some tools and things that I use less than on a monthly basis as well as some makeup samples.

And since making things pretty doesn’t hurt, I added a cute shelf liner I found a while ago in the Target dollar spot.



If you are looking for a sturdy, easy to clean, and good looking drawer organizer, look no further. And no, this is not a sponsored post (lol, I wish).



How To Make Book Ledges

Zoe's Room -Book Ledges -Pin

It has been 6 months since we moved in already, and we are loving this house! One of the rooms that I have been scheming about lately is Zoe’s room. Before we moved out of our previous home, I had planned on doing a small makeover to her room but the idea quickly went away as we decided to put the house on the market. We had purchased a big girl bed for her, built a cute pelmet for her window, and painted the room a light gray color (BM – Stonington Gray).

Crazy Happy Casa House #1 - Zoe's Room

Zoe's Pelmet Box-20

Fast forward almost a year and here I am, thinking about her room again. I want to take my time with this since I want to really think about the things she likes and not just decorate a room to look pretty. In her last room she didn’t have a nightstand since her dresser acted as one but the layout in her current room doesn’t allow us to put the dresser next to the bed. I didn’t want to rush into buying something so we have been using a tray table in the meantime. It only holds a small lamp so it’s working just fine in the meantime. We have been toying with the idea of building a nightstand but haven’t found a plan that speaks to us yet.

One thing I was set on was book storage. I have 8 Ikea Bekvam spice racks that I used for book storage in our previous playroom. But I was hesitant about using them again for two reasons: 1. Zoe’s book collection is way bigger now, and 2. Installing those shelves almost caused a divorce last year lol …..sooo, moving on.

Crazy Happy Casa House #1 - Playroom

I bought a couple of bookends (similar here and here) a few months ago, organized her books in the playroom, and that was that.

Pink Giraffe Bookends


But coming back to Zoe’s room, I still wanted to have some book storage for her bedtime books. I really liked the book ledge idea and it seemed to be just what I needed. So I put my best puppy face and showed a picture to my husband (he said yes 😉 )

We had some trim and scrap wood so he used that and put the ledges together using wood glue and clamping them together. He then spray painted them white and screwed them to the wall, and as soon as he was done I went in and put Zoe’s favorite bedtime books on them.

Zoe's Room -DIY Book Ledges -08

Zoe's Room -DIY Book Ledges -07

Zoe's Room -DIY Book Ledges -12

Zoe's Room -DIY Book Ledges -03

Zoe's Room -DIY Book Ledges -04

Zoe's Room -DIY Book Ledges -10

Yes, this is only the first step but these book ledges make me so happy every time I enter the room!!! Cute, functional, and free (we had everything on hand), so definitely a win for everyone!!



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